Frequently Asked Questions

What features does this iMask+ offer?

iMask+ comes with amazing features. It purifies the air you inhale with the smart ventilation and, at the same time, provides entertainment with its attached earphones. Now you can use iMask+ to protect yourself from unseen airborne bacteria and enjoy your commuting with music at the same time.

Does it have Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, you can connect your phone with iMask+ to enable the earphones attached to the mask. No need to juggle between long wires of earphones with mask strings anymore.

How many colors are available for iMask+?

It is available in 6 colors: black, white, blue, red, clear, and green. The overall look of the mask is exquisite and stylish.

Why do we need to wear masks?

These healthy and anti-viral masks helps in breathing in clear air when you are exposed to a polluted area or region. It filters the dust particles. It protects from contagious germs catching.

Is it breathable material?

The material used for making iMask+ is of the most excellent quality that protects the germs to transfer with air. The content is breathable and quite comfortable to wear.

How can I order it?

You can order the masks online through our website. Select the item and fill in the details like quantity, colors, sizes, billing address, shipping address, and other contact information.

What sizes it is available in?

It is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and children.

Will it work the same for children?

For children, there are two different types: with electronics and without electronics.

Can we replace filters?

The masks come with ten replaceable filters (5 N95 / 5 N99). You can remove the screen quickly and put a new one. The filters can be changed after ten days or as you feel like changing it.

What accessories come along with it?

The mask comes with Bluetooth chargers, five disposable filters, matching carrying case, and AQI app for your smartphone, which notifies you to wear mask where needed.