We are bringing technology in connection with entertainment and health measures, bringing the idea of an advanced face mask to life. This mask is there to block all the toxicants and pollutants from entering your body; you can consider it as bacteria and virus-proof mask. Alongside the same, it will give you the entertainment and ease of using your phone through Bluetooth.

Bluetooth or wireless earphones have been a trend in the world currently, but this IMask+ is a solution that will bring these features to you alongside your health protection from toxic air and pollution. This is a perfect gadget for your traveling, walks, jogging, and even for use in your daily routine. The face masks manufactured in the USA are according to the standard benchmarks of face masks for sale in the USA. Keeping all the health and safety standards in mind, we bring you the best facemasks with some entertainment and technological possibilities.

This mask has been prepared after some brilliant and tech-savvy minds were brought together at a single platform, and they worked several years to bring this perfect idea to life. They have seen almost every dimension of technology, entertainment, and health to make this ideal IMask+ to be brought to the world.

We bring you the best product for your entertainment and health safety in the environment that is toxic to your health.